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Now That The Airlines Are Starting To Charge $25 just To Check Your First Bag And Almost All Of Them Are Charging $25-$50 For Your 2nd Checked Bag Travel Pak Kits Are Essential For All Traveler



3-1-1 Carry-On Compliant Travel Pak Kits for all of your Travel Needs

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Are you looking to sneak alcohol on cruises, concerts or events?

Rum Runner® Flasks& are the best method to help you sneak alcohol on a cruise ship, concert or into an event.

You can use our product to sneak your wine, vodka, tequila, rum, or other alcohol for your enjoyment while cruising. Our product is BPA free and food grade unlike some cheap imitators. For the small cost of the flasks, you will save 10x or more on your bar tab. 

How to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship with Rum Runner flasks:

  • Pack your flasks in your checked luggage that you leave with the porters.** They are flexible and can be shaped to fit inside other items (shoes, etc.) in your bag. They are also durable and do not leak. If you have multiple checked bags, pack the flasks among the different bags. Your checked bags are delivered to your room within a few hours of boarding. **Do not sneak alcohol on a cruise by packing them in your carry-on bags.
  • Cruise line security is scanning for weapons and to a lesser extent, bottle shapes. Our flasks do not show a traditional liquor bottle outline. That is why our product is the best way to smuggle liquor onboard.
  • The larger 32oz flasks will hold a liter of liquor to sneak booze on the cruise ship. The smaller 16oz and 8oz will hold a pint or half a pint of alcohol respectively. 
Other benefits to our product are they stand up when being used and can be flattened out and stored when not. They can be reused many times to smuggle alcohol on future cruises. We have a number of packages to choose from based on if you want to sneak liquor or wine on the cruise. Our most popular package to sneak alcohol on a cruise is the Rum Runner Cruise Kit but we can tailor a package to suit everyone. It is better to have extra to sneak alcohol on board than to run out of liquor. The cost of the flasks and liquor to fill them is a fraction compared to the price of purchasing drinks on the ships.

Rum Runner® Cruise Kit - Our most popular flask package!

Our flasks have been proven thousands of times over the last decade.

No other product has been used more to sneak liquor on a cruise.

Why use our product to smuggle alcohol?
  • BPA free and proudly made in America.
  • Does not affect taste of the alcohol like other smuggling methods.
  • Durable and will not leak!
  • Reusable for tailgating, sporting events, concerts, etc. 
  • See the rave reviews on Cruise Critic from people who have used our product to smuggle alcohol on cruise ships.
  • Fox News named Rum Runner® Flasks one of the "13 Great Gifts for Cruisers".
  • Rum Runner® Flasks were mentioned in the February 2011 USA Today Travel Section as a must-have item to sneak alcohol on cruises.
  • We process orders 7 days a week with US Delivery for standard shipping within 6 business days. Priority shipping is up to 4 business days. For USPS Priority Express Shipping, please Contact Customer Service at: 800-318-9443. Click here to ship your order to a U.S. Hotel.
Rum Runners have been proven by thousands of passengers for more than a decade to sneak alcohol on cruises!
The thousands of reviews linked to above on Cruise Critic and the videos on YouTube don't lie. All of the other methods to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship have have their drawbacks:
  • Sneaking your liquor in an alternate container might leave an after taste.
Do you want your liquor tasting like Listerine or shampoo? It also raises suspicion on the X-ray to see several large mouthwash containers in your bag.
  • Sneaking liquor in water bottles?
They were never the best method and now no longer work to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship. Cruise lines check the seals when they see water bottles in your checked luggage. They also shake the bottles to see if how long the bubbles last. Many now prohibit bringing any water or soda on the ship.
  • Smuggling liquor in the original container?
The cruise lines security know the shapes of liquor bottles on an X-ray. You're taking chances sneaking alcohol on a ship this way. Our liquor flasks look solid on X-rays and don't resemble the usual smuggling vessels, making it the superior container to sneak alcohol. Plus they are nearly indestructible. Glass bottles can break leaving your clothing smelling of liquor.


To get started on sneaking alcohol on cruises, concerts, events or view details of our products, click here or the image of the flasks above.

There is no substitute for excellent customer service and no excuse for less.

Rum Runner® fans...There is another way to travel smart.

Travel Worry-Free with Your Liquids, Lotions and Gels 

Pay one shipping fee when you order them with your Rum Runner's.

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