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     Hunting The flasks are especially useful as a hunting accessory because as the contents are used the flask collapses. When the air in the flask is squeezed out and the cap is sealed the excess displacement is removed. This prevents any sloshing and noise normally associated with a water bottle or a canteen. The flask can be slipped into a pant or jacket pocket and carried with a minimum of noise. The flask can be frozen or heated as the circumstances require. When the flask is empty it is simply rolled up and put in your pocket.


     Golfing The Rum Runner Flask is a great accessory for the golfer in the family. No more broken bottles when the caddy drops or knocks over your golf bag, no more waiting around for the drink cart and no more $7.00 drinks. The Rum Runner flasks are reusable again and again and will not leak in your golf bag. It is easy to make ice cubes in the Rum Runner Flask. When the flask is empty just rinse it out and it is ready to go again.


     Concerts and Stadium Events The Rum Runner Flasks are ideal for concerts and stadium events. They are non-metallic and undetectable by metal detectors and wands. They sit flat in your pocket because there is no bulky glass and they stand up like a bottle until they are empty and then they roll up and go in your pocket. You are going to get asked where you got it. Don’t be shy tell them, we can use the business


     Air Traveler  The Rum Runner Flasks pour smoothly and are leak proof at any altitude. When you get to you hotel and you are tired or buried in work and don’t have time to or feel like going to the hotel bar, you can relax in your room with a drink.


     Hiking The Rum Runner Flasks are just the right accessory for hiking. Space and weight in your backpack are always problems. The flasks are soft and flexible and can be shaped to fit just about any available space in your pack. No more having to pack out those bulky water bottles or canteens the Rum Runner Flasks flatten out like an envelope or roll up to less than an inch in diameter. The Flasks are durable yet so lightweight that even our 32oz Traveler flask weighs less than an ounce.


     Skiers The Rum Runner Flasks are a must for the slopes. They fit neatly into you ski jacket pocket. The first time you take a spill with the Rum Runner Flask in your pocket instead of your old metal flask, the Rum Runner will become your favorite skiing accessory.


     Sports Fans and Tailgaters The non-metallic, undetectable Rum Runner Flask lets you take the tailgate party right into the stands with you. They can wand you all day. The Flask fits flat in you pocket and is perfect for almost any beverage. Just about every time you use the Rum Runner Flask at a game, someone is going to ask you where you got it. If you can’t remember, help us out; show them the tag on the lower right hand corner.