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Bath and Shower Family Pack™

Price: $16.95
Item Number: 040


Tired of that cluttered shower or bath?  Then try the new Easy Traveler Bath and Shower Family Pack

The  Bath and Shower Family Pack™ Contains: eight of our 8oz Tottles and eight supply bottle spouts 

These 8oz Tottles are perfect for the shower or travel. You can put 8 ounces of just about anything that you can think of in these food grade leak proof containers. They are durable, reusable and fill in just seconds using the spouts supplied with the Easy Traveler Bath and Shower Family Pack™. In just a few minutes you can get rid of all of those personal care product bottles that are cluttering up your shower or bath and you can still save money by buying the large economy size bottles of your favorite products. The Tottles stand on their head so your personal care products are always ready to use and you can always see how much of the product is left . The Tottles fit everywhere the large economy size bottles won't. No more standing the large bottles on their cap so you can use the last of the contents.      



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