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The Easy Traveler, Inc. Flasks are constructed in layers and are stiff when delivered.

Do Not Fill With Carbonated Beverages

To make the flask expand to its full capacity:

  • Fill the Flask with hot tap water and replace cap.
  • Work the Flask with your hands to expand the Flask.
  • Refill the Flask to full capacity with hot tap water and let stand for a few minutes.
  • Empty tap water and fill with your favorite beverage.


The Easy Traveler, Inc. Flask’s thin construction allows its contents to freeze quickly.

To freeze the contents of the Flask:

  • Fill the Flask to no more than 70% of its capacity; make sure Flask is fully inflated.
  • Lay the Flask in the freezer with the spout up.
  • Run the Flask under water for a few seconds after removing from freezer.

To make ice in the Flask:

  • Fill the Flask to 25% of capacity, lay the Flask in freezer with spout up.
  • Remove from freezer and run under water for a few seconds to soften Flask
  • Bend Flask to break ice if cubes are desired


To travel by air or cruise:

  • Fill the Flask to no more than 85% of its capacity.
  • Hold the Flask with the spout up and slowly squeeze the Flask to expel air until liquid is at the top of the spout.
  • Close cap to seal the Flask, this will allow the Flask to be shaped to fit those odd spaces in your checked luggage, do not place more than two Flasks in a bag when cruising. 



To clean any of the Easy Traveler, Inc. Flasks:

  • Wash Flask with dishwashing detergent.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Inflate Flask with a puff of air turn upside down with cap off and let dry.