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Rum Runner Flasks

The only fool-proof way to bring your favorite beverages onboard.  Rum Runner Flasks will not leak.  Watch the video to view how tough they are, how easy they are to fill and pour from.  The flasks stand up while full and will not leak in your luggage!  They are easy to clean and reusable.

Thousands of Cruise Critic members cannot be wrong.  Read the satisfied customers sand their reviews of Rum Runner Flasks at Cruise Critic

Cruise Critic customers recommend the cruise kit as it offers the flexibility of different sizes to carry a variety of your favorite beverages.


Rum Runner Flasks Demo

Rum Runner fans.  There is one other way to travel smart. 

Travel Worry-Free with Your Liquids, Lotions and Gels


This is the ultimate solution for travel in an era of heightened security. Breeze through security check-in with the 3-1-1 Totally Compliant Carry-on Kit™.  This kit is compliant with all US and Canadian airport regulations.  You never have to worry about leaky bottles in your luggage.  This kit is as tough and made of "food grade" material.  Easy to fill and clean!
Leave the large bottles at home and bring the amount of product you need and save space in your bag for other items. The airlines are charging hefty fees if you go over your bag allowance (much more then the cost of this kit). 




The 3-1-1 Kit contains six 2-1/2 oz and four 1-1/2 oz flexible
squeeze tubes, plus one 1-3/4 oz Envirosprayer.



Excellent product - made security screening a breeze!

Carol M.-CA


311 Kit Demo