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Here is just some of the feedback we have received on our products and service:
 Still using same kit purchased from you in 2007. None of them leak but becoming worn. Decided to purchase new. Last purchase used all over the world on many trips. Thank-you

This is my third purchase of your plastic flasks. 2010, 2014, and 2021. Got for a cruise in 2010, worked perfectly, then discovered they are very useful for general concealment of liquids in any situation. Love them!


Love your flasks - this is the 4th or 5th time I'm ordering as my friends steal them from me.


This is my second set. I wore the first one out after many trips and rough treatment. Excellent product!

 Just place my 3rd order with RR. They are of the best quality and I have never had a problem with them. Great gift for fellow travelers. Save $$$$ on cruises.
 Thanks for inventing and selling them.
Mr. Desmond
     Allow me to start this e-mail off by saying "Thank You " for sending us
a personalized letter from you with our last order. That was very nice of
you and we so appreciated it.
     We have purchased Rum Runners twice in the pass and have used it many
times. This last order we purchased for a birthday gift for a friend. Last
month I told my ex-wife and her husband about your product and they
purchased a kit from your company and used it on our trip.
   Again thank you and we will continue to tell our friends about your
company and also purchase more for gifts for friends and family                  Sincerely
I ordered Rum Runners flask in January for a cruise we were going in in February. I did a lot of research and found that the best way to get booze aboard was to get rum runners. I bought two 32 oz flask and filled one with bourbon and the other with tequila. The rum runners made it aboard with no problems. I was so pleased when I opened my suitcase and found them intact. this saved me hundreds of dollars buy not having to buy liquor aboard the ship. I was thrilled and I highly recommend this product. Thank you Rum Runners for making my cruise great!!

I am and will continue to be a repeat customer. Great product that does what it say's! Also very reasonably priced. I love them. Keep up the great job everyone.

Used the rum runner flask in my BV500 for the entire JMT of 255 or so miles over nearly 4 weeks. It worked like a charm to hold nightly dessert sippings of Kahlua and Cr de Cocoa. Great! Thank you for the product. No leaks. All worked well. If you want me to do a review, please send a link as I'm catching up with month old emails. 

very satisfied


A great product and very affordable, I would recommend this to everyone who is going on a cruise and wants to bring their own booze.


Good product


Worked just like advertised!!!




Oh, yes, they do work very well. 750= bottle of wine or 1/5 liquor with extra space for expansion. Very durable and have saved me hundreds in bar bills and bottle weight.


                Worked like a charm! Just got back from a Royal Caribbean cruise and none of my flasks were discovered. As many others advised, I packed most of them in my checked bag. I put one between my water shoes, one in a makeup bag, etc. All of them made it through security.


Rum runner are just the ticket


love them


Worked great again.  30 cruises never detected.  Great product

Arrived well packed ahead of schedule via express delivery. Quality was as expected of genuine Rum Runners, robust with good screw caps. Although there was no hint of any leaks, we enclosed them in zip lock plastic bags for extra peace of mind. Stored in our main luggage, all 3 breezed through RCI checks. Job done.


Very satisfied with the service and the product. Thank you.


Great product, had no problem getting the rum runners on our cruise.


This was everything I expected and more


The Rum Runner Cruise kit worked great!


They worked well, no leakage, not detected by the cruise line!


worked perfectly to get alcohol on a cruise!


Rum Runner Tailgate kit was just as described - great price and fast shipping!


This is the second set that I have bought. I use them when I go on a cruise. Works every time. Save yourself a ton of money by not buying the cruise lines over priced drinks.


Ordered, delivered as expected. Used as well as expected.. Passed through security check.


Great plastic flasks! Can use for concerts, beach, cruises, anything.


The Flasks are great told a few friends. Our college football team has a wet campus but these are great for travel to dry schools.

E. B. FL

I am really impessed on how fast you take online orders and ship so 
quickly.  I wish everyone did business like you.
I will always recommend your firm on sites like CruiseCritic and to 
all my friends.
T. A.

Comments or Questions: Thank you so much for your wonderful product! We love the flasks. They save us so much money at venues that sell a Budweiser tallboy for $14.00. Ridiculous !!! We have so much fun going in high style with our Cognac. It saves us money and trips to the restroom, thus not missing the event we paid to see. …..
 Thank You,
 T. R.


Thank You, great product and great service too.



To Whom It May Concern: 
I am pleased to say that I am very satisfied with the service this company has provided to me.  I will recommend your company to all my family & friends.   
Thank you~ I. (A very pleased customer)


Hello Jim, I have to tell ya, THANK YOU for superior service on my order.  I am blown away that my order shipped 2 hours and nine minutes after I received confirmation of my order!!  I intend to use my rum runners on an upcoming cruise and will let you know how it goes. 
K. M.


Thank you so much for a great transaction. This is my second order from your company and I am just as pleased as I was for the first one. My order came extremely fast. I recommend your products to everyone I know. The personalized note along with the order was a great touch. THANK YOU!!!



Hi Jim,

I just wanted to say that my order arrived today. 6 days to get to the UK. What fantastic service!

Everything perfectly packed – very impressed.

The flasks have exceeded my expectations – the 8oz’s fit nicely in a suit jacket pocket so will come in *very* handy on our upcoming cruise. ;)

I am almost tempted to order another spring break kit to be honest as I can see these coming in very useful for many different trips and events.

Thanks for providing this service.


J. A.


Geez what took so long.
Seriously, this is amazing customer service, thanks so much.

C. S. CA


Thank you for the speedy shipment!  I am excited to fill and pack our RUM RUNNERS for our cruise!  Your product was referred to me by some friends who have used them many times.

M. V.


James - 

I just wanted to let you know we just returned home from our 7 day cruise.  Your flasks worked great!  Thank you for getting them shipped out so quickly so we had them in time. 

M. W.


I don't know if you monitor this email inbox...but if you do, I just wanted to mention that your company is legendary for being the FASTEST shipping company of any online merchant any of us have ever done business with!  I just placed an order, and it wasn't more than five minutes before I got an email that you'd already shipped it.  Do you have a contingent of magic elves just sitting there 24 hours a day, ready to pounce on every order in seconds?  However you do it, I thought you should know that your insanely speedy shipping is talked about on Cruise Critic all the time.  If only you could pass on your business model to all of the other online merchants we do business with!   

Thanks again for an awesome product, and an awesome sales operations. 

 L. C.


Thank you. 

You have great service and a great product. 

L & P B.




I just got my order and I have to say that you have some awesomely fast shipping.  Your company is great and I am a one man sales force when it comes to telling others about your products.


K. M.


You are incredible!  I placed my order on a Thursday and I received my flasks on the following Saturday.  How do you do that!! 

Thanks so much,

M. M.  


I just wanted to update my use of rum runner flasks.  I went on the Carnival Pride for a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas from 5/10/09 - 5/17/09 and used 2 8oz, 1 16oz, and 1 32oz flasks packed in my checked luggage.  All but the 32oz was in my luggage and it (the 32oz) was in my girlfriend's luggage.  We both got all our alcohol onboard without a single problem.  These things worked like a charm!  Not to mention that the customer service was great and the shipping to Pennsylvania was extremely fast (less than 1 week from the time of order).  Please post this on your reviews page.  Thanks again and I will be advertising for your business by word of mouth!

C. M.

Jim my order of 2 32oz and on 16oz worked great on recent cruise.  Fit so good in the check on suitcase and later in my carry on at another port.  Solid investment for the cruise traveler…….
Thank for your fine product and quick turn around service.  Yes, you can use my comments on your site.  Thanks again  D. B. - Fort Worth, TX

Thank you for your Rum Runner Flasks. We just completed a cruise with 38 friends on an ****** cruise. We love our Rum Runner Flasks, they work great. It is good for you but sad that ****** has to gouge clients for their drinks so they can stay a float. Average of $11 per drink. We are passing the word! We told the liquor store in Skagway, Alaska to contact you so they can buy your flasks and sell them to cruisers who want to take liquor on their ship.

You will have more orders.


******** Tours

thank you so much for these flasks. they are just what i was after. I will be sure to spread the word for your business here in the uk.


About the Cruise Kit

Great service, great product, super nice seller.



Received VERY quickly. Have already used my Rum Runners on a cruise. GREAT product!!!



Awesome flask. love how it collapses when it is empty.



About the Cruise Kit

Everyone on the cruise envied my final bill...while their drink bills totalled a thousand since all drinks were around 8-10 bucks with mandatory 15% gratuities....I ordered diet coke and utilized my lightweight flask in my purse that I refilled with my larger flask in the room..both shipped perfectly with rum from home. Yeehaa! I spent the money I saved on jewelry in St. Thomas!!   



About the Cruise Kit

This item worked exactly as advertised .. no problems with the air line and no problems with the ship.  



About the Cruise Kit

Prompt shipping and delivery, excellent shopping experience. Can't wait to spread the word among friends. SW NY

The flasks are absolutely wonderful! They are much better than packing the heavy glass bottles.

Bonnie W.

Your product saved me a fortune! On a 26 day Asia to Europe cruise, the Rum Runner was used in Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Dubai without a hitch! Highly, highly recommend the Rum Runner!

Dear Mr. Desmond, 
I just wanted to say thanks for the ultra-fast shipping on my Rum Runners flask order.  
I placed the order on April 6th and it was delivered to my  Virginia address on April 8th!  I was especially worried because my cruise leaves on April 10th and I was doubtful I'd have them in time.  You must have a private air courier on staff.... 
Thanks so much for an outstanding job!  I'm going to post about your fantastic service on the Cruise Critic board and the DIS board. 
Keep up the good work! 

Thank you for your prompt response and your voice mail -- that's what I
call service!


Mr. Desmond, 

Thank you for your fast and great service, I recieved my Rum Runner Cruise Kit already today in the mail. Your company is going to make my next cruise to Alaska much more enjoyable and your kit will make my travel much lighter!  Keep up the great customers service. I will share with my fellow co-worker, friends and family your wonderful personal and fast service. (hard to find that now-a-days in this busy world of ours). 




Thanks for your great customer service - your company is awesome.


Hi James!! I just wanna say that I love these flasks.
  I just received  my rum runner cruise package and i am very satisfied.  I'm leaving for a 7 night Mexican Riviera  cruise on Dec. 7th and i can't wait to use my flasks. …….



Hi Jim,
Received our rum runner flasks today.  Dealing with your Rum Runners 
Company has been a pleasure, so fast and efficient.  Great service; 
great product. Thank you.  I'll let you know how we made out after 
our cruise to Alaska next June!


thanks, jim! the last order we placed arrived surprisingly fast - you guys do a GREAT JOB! we certainly appreciate your taking the time to respond to us on a sunday (and a holiday at that)!



Thanks for the call the other night.  I got my order today and it was
correct.  Thanks for the excellent customer service!  It is very rare these
days.  I look forward to using your products and will recommend your company
to my customers and friends.  Take care.
Best Regards,


James--I just wanted to let you know that my
order arrived in the mail on MONDAY!  I am blown away by your customer service!  I just placed my order online early saturday morning. You are simply amazing!  I was so happy when I came in from work Monday and found my package in the mailbox.  I leave for my cruise on Saturday and I can not wait to try out my flasks!  Thanks again!!
J F-Memphis

Thanks so much for your follow up.  I did receive my order on time and I must say I am very satisfied with your product and your service.  I had read all the positive service comments before on your website and they are all true.  You have a terrific prodcut and great customer service.
Thank You


Thanks, Jim – you’re the best !  So is your product --- I tell EVERYONE about them !


I ordered my flasks about 4 days ago and they are already here. We are going on a cruise in April for our Anniversary and this makes it feel like we are actually ready to go on vacation. I can't wait to try them out.
Thanks for the speedy delivery. Will let you know how it goes. All the cruise blogs are talking about these


To all,

Are you kiddin' me? I ordered my Rum Runner Cruise Kit on Saturday March 7 and the dang things arrived on Monday March 9th. How does that happen? Service and delivery like that is unheard of these days. I've let everybody I know and everyone on the boards know what a great product and fantastic service I received. Thank you for everything.

Mike C


I thank you,  it is easy to see why your company has grown,   customer service & satisfaction is a number 1 objective at your company.  
Thanks again.
Bill H


Thanks for getting back to me. I've ordered a  lot of merchandise off the Internet and I can't remember when someone actually got back to me and actually wrote the email. Thanks for reminding me that there are still people on the other end of the Internet rainbow. I'm sure to tell this story during my vacation every time I use the Rum Runner. And the more I use it the better the story will be. Thanks you again Doug G


Hey Jim,
Great service, and great product.  I wish every company ran as well. 
Can't wait to use them...heh heh.....


I just got back from my cruise and NO PROBLEMS!! I saved so much money from not buying alcohol on the ship!!
Thank you!!



Thank you for the information Jim.  I can see why you were so highly recommended on Cruise Critic.  Your service is excellent.

Laura G

Thanks for the extremely fast shipping. I couldn't believe they were in my mailbox this morning(Monday). I ordered them on Saturday. Looking forward to trying them out on an upcoming cruise.

Thanks again
Hi Jim I would just like to say thanks for the great service I recieved from you, I ordered 14 Flasks on a Saturday and had them DELIVERED to me in the UK 6 days later, that is one heck of a deal.
Many thanks once again

Hi Jim,
We ordered our flasks on Friday and received them on Monday! We couldn't believe how fast we received them, talk about lightening fast shipping! Thank you so much, we can't wait to use them on our cruise!
MP Portland OR

Thank you for your prompt response to my concerns.  This is the way all businesses should treat their customers!

I look forward to using my new Rum Runners on my Alaskan cruise.

Nancey Thomas


These flasks are the cat's a$$. Luv 'em! I am a Canadian and I thought there would be duty and GST on them. There was NOT. I got them 13 days after ordering them. Now, that is fairly fast for a US shipped item. I got them IN my mailbox because they are packaged so well and they are so small. NO duty and NO GST. Canadians, listen up, eh - you gotta get some of these!
Pete- Calgary
THANK YOU! Excellent correspondence and fasted shipping ever! Love your product! I'm about to buy more and will definitely recommend you!
Alysha R. TX
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your company.  I will highly recommend it to all friends and family.  It was by far the best online experience I have encountered.  I read the other customer reviews before ordering and placed my order after reading all the positive remarks. I placed my order on Saturday morning and your product was received on Monday morning.  Absolutely incredible! Your services are professional and efficient. Thank you so much.
A. P, New Orleans, LA

Thank you!  You have a great company--the best customer service I have ever experienced anywhere.



I was amazed at the speed at which this order was filled. EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! I will be sure to pass on what a great job you guys did filling this order and look forward to using my flask. 


I cannot believe I received my order already!  I ordered it on Saturday and received it today, Monday!   Wonderful customer service and delivery.  Soon I will be ordering the 3-1-1- Traveler set....

Thanks so much!



I told you I would be back! Your great product + your exemplary customer service = my repeat business. That is the formula for success. Thank you again. Take care.


"There Is No Substitute for Excellent Customer Service and No Excuse for Less"
Dear Mr. Desmond,
What I copied and pasted above from your website was clearly not 
inserted there to fill an empty space.  We placed a small order with 
you late Saturday, April 26, received an email confirmation that our 
order was received, on the following day (Sunday, no less) to let us 
know it had been shipped and other emails with order details in 
between.  Yesterday, Wednesday, April 30, we received our order, 
personalized thank you note included.  You offer what far too many 
Internet merchants fail to: Good communication and quick response.  If 
your product is half the quality of your customer service, we will be 
very pleased……..

Best of luck to you and Rum Runner Flasks.

G & D G

You are crazy fast with the orders!!!

Looking forward to using the product on an upcoming cruise!!  Thanks!




I just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful product. I just returned from a Carnival cruise and I ordered the "cruise special" prior to leaving. The flask worked like a charm. I can't tell you how many times I showed your product and gave out your website. I wish I was on commission with your company. In addition, your service and communication was fantastic.  

I will be cruising again in June and you can bet, I will be ordering several additional Rum Runner flasks. Thank you again for the fast shipping and excellent customer service. 

Best regards, 

Ron H. 


I just received your Flasks, and I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service and EXTREMELY fast shipping! I ordered it at noon on Wednesday and they were on my doorstep on Friday! I wish every company was as much of a pleasure to deal with as yours!
I just wanted to let you know to keep up the great work!
Thanks Again
Received the flask kit yesterday.  Great job shipping so quickly.  This is a great item to take on vacation (cruise!).  We'll use it responsibly! 
Thanks again, Steve


Thanks.  Worked like a charm

Vincent D.


that was the best customer service i have ever seen; i got the flasks on monday




Amazing follow through, Thank you for the clear communication.


Thanks for the incredibly quick shipment.
All the best,
Patrick D


Thank you for the correspondence.  As stated on the Cruise Critic message boards your company has great customer service.  Thank you again. 

Bennett H

Thanks Jim! I never got to use the last flasks i ordered from you as i gave them away to my brother in law for his cruise!!!! Had to get some more for my cruise! thanks again for everything. Great product, great service.


Dear Rum Runners! 

 I am very impressed with your customer service. I have let my friends know about your website, and how efficient and courteous this experience has been. I wish you ALL THE BEST in the New Year, and look forward (anxiously) to receiving my Rum Runner kit. What a great idea, and what GREAT customer service. 

Please share this note on your customer comments board...Thank you again for your time and courtesies extended to me. 



Thank you so much
I wish everyone did business like this. It has been a pleasure.
Happy Holidays
Helen R.


WOW!  That's what I call customer service!



FYI - All of the experienced cruisers that post on the Cruise Critic web board absolutely rave about the Rum Runner Flasks.  There's no better way to sneak your own liquor onto a cruise ship.  I can't wait to try mine out in February, and then I'll be raving about them, too. 


Rebecca M.


Thanks very much Jim for your attention to this matter. 

Your service has gone above and beyond and I will be sure to post

My very positive experience on the chat board that I found out about

your company. 

Cheers, Andrew.



A quick note to say thanks, my order arrived today, and you can mark me down as a satisfied customer. 

I am impressed that you really know how to ship to Canada as any hassles were completely avoided and the Rum Runner Flasks can straight to m y door express post; no delays, no clearance extras, no problems. 

Thanks again 

Don B


Dear Jim, 

Just a brief note to let you know how well our flasks worked out a couple weeks ago on our long anticipated cruise.  There were 16 of us and 12 of us utilized your products.  Truly amazing.  We are all good to go for next time and are spreading the word of your website to everyone.  Thanks for creating such an ingenious, undetectable product.  We will be in touch. 


Kate M, et al 



We are very happy with the cruise package and we want to thank you for going above and beyond to provide top notch service.

Kay and Bill L.


About our Flasks

Excellent. Item arrived on time. Item as described. Will be doing business with them again. The quality of the product was far beyond what I expected.

B. L.


Awesome product!

HR Dayton, OH


Dear Jim, 

Many thanks for the Rum Runner flasks which arrived this morning (about 8 hours ago).  That was excellent service and we are thrilled with the product.   We will definitely recommend these to our friends. 

Thanks again for such good service 

regards DF United Kingdom

Thanks and I do love your product.  Leaving for Europe and have my bottles filled & in the suitcase.  I give them as gifts all the time.

I have several other of your flasks and they are great.

Thank you.

Subject: Wow!

I  purchased your flasks and they were great!!  We used them for a cruise and not only did we save money but they did not leak!!!  They were strong and durable!  With our luggage going through a lot of plane changes and being put onto our cruise ship these things took the abuse!! 

I have already told people about your website and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to try them!! 

We will be using them again! 

Great product!!



I wanted to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate the fine customer service and your product.  I received my shipment on Thursday February 2.  I have already used it for various toiletries for travel and the gym.  I have been looking for a product like yours for a while - something that is easily refillable but well constructed and leakproof.  I am very happy with it, and will quite likely be placing more orders in the future.
Very truly yours,

I love these things!! First bought from you at ParknSwap... Thx.


I actually have a set and a friend has a set that we purchased about 2 years ago at the state fair or home show in Phoenix.  Everyone who sees them think they are just too cool, especially since they go right through metal detectors.  Used them for concerts, plane trips, events, etc. and saved a lot of money by bringing my own liquor.  Now I'm buying a set as gifts for friends.

Fast Shipping. Quality Products. Happy Customer :)

Denise- PA


Delivered as promised! Worked great!



Sorry this email is a little late...but I just wanted to tell you I received the items I ordered about 10 days ago.  The flasks are very cool  :)   We are looking forward to trying all of the items in another week when we leave for our cruise.  The cruise kit is very well done, you have thought of everything !!!  

Thanks again for switching the flasks and the prompt emails.

Take care,

Thanks for the incredibly fast service.  Will be in need of them the first weedend of August so thank you

Thank you very much for your excellent customer service.  Please bill my credit card for the additional flasks.  I can always give them as a gift.  I received my order on Saturday and I will have them for my trip.  Let me know if you need any additional information.
thanks again.

Thank you, Jim. 

Great customer service!


Great products! Thank you! I will recommend you to everyone!
Thanks again
Ron M.

Thank you!  What a great product, should fit nicely in a suitcase!

ok whatever you did...keep doin it. those were on my doorstep monday afternoon!!!! i placed the order on saturday!  they work great and i will tell everyone that will listen about you guys. thanks a ton!
Don W.

Thank you Mr. Desmond.  This is the fastest receipt of order and shipping of product that I've ever experienced.I look forward to receiving your product.
Best regards,
Gene G

Hello Mr. Desmond,

Just wanted to thank you for the prompt processing of my order.  It arrived on Wednesday the 10th much to my delight.  I was very pleased!

Thanks again and I will look to Easy Traveler the next time I need something such as this in a hurry.




Thank you so much!  You are an angel.

I would have tried to upgrade the shipping myself, but there was no option.   

Thanks again,