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Now That The Airlines Are Starting To Charge $15 just To Check Your First Bag And Almost All Of Them Are Charging $25-$50 For Your 2nd Checked Bag Travel Pak Kits Are Essential For All Traveler




3-1-1 Carry-On Compliant Travel Pak Kits for all of your Travel Needs

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Sneak Alcohol On Cruises and Save Money

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Check Out The Rum Runner Flask Demo!

Rum Runner Spring Break Cruise Kit

This is the ultimate Rum Runner Kit tailored for Spring Breakers.

The Spring Break kit contains four of our 32oz (.946 liter) Travelers and three 8oz (.237 liter) easy filling, heavy duty, collapsible flasks and one funnel.

To see more detail or buy our products, click here .

See the reviews of Rum Runner Flasks at Cruise Critic.

The reviews don't lie.  All of the other methods to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship have have their drawbacks.  

Scope or Shampoo Containers?  Putting your alcohol in an alternate container might leave an after taste.  Do you want your liquor tasting like Listerine?  It also raises suspicion on the x-ray to see several large scope containers in your bag.

Water Bottles?  Get real!  The cruise lines are cracking down.  Putting clear beverages in water bottles is beaten.  Cruise lines check the seals when they see water bottles in your checked luggage. 

Leaving them in the original container is asking for trouble.  The cruise lines know what a liquor bottle looks like on an x-ray.  You're taking chances that your booze will be confiscated.

Rum Runners look solid on x-rays and don't resemble the usual smuggling vessels, making it the superior container to hold the beverage.  Plus they are nearly indestructible.  Glass bottles can break leaving your formal wear smelling of liquor.

Cruise lines are VERY TOUGH during Spring Break for all passengers.  They put more emphasis and resources toward scanning luggage.

So step up and join the thousands of people who have trusted their smuggling to Rum Runner Kits.  Don't take chances with the other methods...go with Rum Runner Flasks!  And enjoy your favorite brand on-board in the privacy of your cabin.

Rum Runner Flasks are the best way to sneak alcohol on cruise ships!  Check out the reviews on the Cruise Critic boards

Spring Breakers.  There is one other way to travel smart after you sneak alcohol on cruise ships.

Travel worry-free with your liquids, gels, and lotions.


This is the ultimate solution for travel in an era of heightened security. Breeze through security check-in with the 3-1-1 Totally Compliant Carry-on Kit™.  This kit is compliant with all US and International Airport Regulations.  You never have to worry about leaky bottles in your luggage.  This kit is tough and made of "food grade" material.  Easy to fill and clean!

Leave the large bottles at home and bring the amount of product you need. The airlines are charging hefty fees if you go over your luggage weight allowance.

Best of all, leave more room in your bags for your Rum Runners.

Click here to view the 3-1-1 video showing how easy it is to fill, use, and clean.

Order your 3-1-1 Travel Kit with your Spring Break Cruise Kit today from Easy Traveler and pay one shipping fee!  Save money by sneaking your alcohol on the ship and reducing the weight in your bags for the airlines.


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The 3-1-1 Kit contains six 2-1/2 oz and four 1-1/2 oz flexible
squeeze tubes, plus one 1-3/4 oz Envirosprayer.


Excellent product - made security screening a breeze!

Carol M.-CA 









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