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Now That The Airlines Are Starting To Charge $25 just To Check Your First Bag And Almost All Of Them Are Charging $25-$50 For Your 2nd Checked Bag Travel Pak Kits Are Essential For All Traveler



3-1-1 Carry-On Compliant Travel Pak Kits for all of your Travel Needs

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The Easy Traveler, Inc. Flask’s thin construction allows it’s contents to freeze quickly.

To freeze the contents of the Flask:

  • Fill the Flask to no more than 70% of capacity, make sure Flask is fully inflated.
  • Place the Flask in the freezer with the spout up.
  • Run the Flask under water for a few seconds after removing from freezer.

To make ice in the Flask:

  • Fill the Flask to 25% of capacity, place in freezer with spout up.
  • Remove from freezer and run under water for a few seconds to soften the Flask.
  • Bend Flask to break ice if cubes are desired.
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